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National College Planners is a comprehensive college planning service that works with the entire family – students and parents – to meet everyone’s expectations, aspirations and goals. We strive to develop a personal relationship founded on trust and reliability because we want to cater to your family’s needs for years to come. Below you’ll find a sample of the long list of services we provide for our clients:

For the Student:

 Series of one-on-one interviews with the college-bound student. These interviews are a combination of personal, oral, and written quizzes that allow us to determine the individual strengths and weaknesses of each student.

 Personal unlimited access to our Discover program allowing the student to explore every college, university, and graduate school in the country within just about every parameter possible: major, location, size, cost, and more!

“Best fit” matching to help determine which schools each student should apply to. This will be based on all of the criteria we have received from the student, including their interviews, quiz reports, and Discover program analysis. We ensure that even the most indecisive student has a reasonable number of appropriate schools in which to apply.

An analysis of the skills and interests of the student, helping them narrow down majors and careers that fit their particular skill set. We then analyze the additional skills which need to be honed during their college career – the ones that will influence and impact their career decision. Finally, we demonstrate each particular occupation’s availability in a region, rate of growth or decline, and potential pay scale along with the likelihood for advancement in a particular career.

 “Start to Finish” college application assistance. The student will receive updates on deadlines, application availability, and important reminders. They can take advantage of limitless guidance, advice, and suggestions for all applications, essay inspirations, and short answer questions. We proofread and finalize all applications before submission.

 Complete essay oversight, from rough draft to final copy, regardless of the number of edits. We correct all grammar, analyze all content, and suggest improvements for clarity, flow and composition.

 Scholarship suggestions based on school selection, need, and merit.

For the Parents:

 An evaluation of each family’s financial situation and determination of the family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) by both federal and institutional methodologies.

 Personalized programs for each family designed to help them lower their EFC. We will use 5-7 unique programs and investigate all the alternative methods to pay for each family’s designated portion of the EFC. Each family will be provided with a host of options and the appropriate tools to make a well informed decision about paying for their child’s education without taking on an overwhelming financial burden.

 Assistance with the decision making process upon their student’s entry into college. We will take into account each family’s unique situation and create a financial profile for each family based on the number of children, the age of each child, and the prospect of multiple children being in college at the same time.

 Specially designed financial scenarios to be used for applications based on the previous, the current, and even the next fiscal year. Upon submission to each university, the school will have a complete understanding of each famly’s financial profile and specific needs and concerns.

 Financial aid from relief! We obtain pins, fill out the FAFSA, CSS and each individual university’s financial paperwork.

 An analysis of each individual university’s financial aid award package. Using our customized software package, we can determine if each package is fair, exceptional, or lower than it should be compared to each school’s average award package. We then personally help the family negotiate for better award packages if necessary. We equip the family with all of the tools to make a strong case for the school’s providing your family additional aid.

 Recommendation that the student apply to certain “safety” schools which consistently give sizeable award packages. We can then use these award packages as the basis of negotiations with other schools to match the quality of the financial aid.

For the entire Family:

We help the family make wise decisions that are realistic both academically for the student and financially for the parents. Ultimately, our goal is to be able to help every one of our clients achieve all of their academic aspirations and dreams while limiting as much stress as possible.

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